Lots of good Spanish videos with transcripts and/or subtitles produced by FEMA

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Take a look at this - it's a notice from the White House that FEMA has a site up called listo.gov with information on how to prepare for emergencies. While the information is valuable for Spanish speakers in the US, the easily accessible nature of these videos makes it good for students too. The video embedded in the article is the easiest quick example:

and since it's an exact reproduction of an English ad of the same length and content, it's easy to understand:

There are also a lot of longer videos as well over here, and these are equipped with a transcript too. For example, this video's transcript is here.

The only downside to the videos is that they're...well, they're just government videos about preparing for emergencies, nothing particularly fascinating.

I haven't had a complete look through the site and for all I know there are even better resources within.

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