Illegal Trouw - back issues of the Dutch newspaper created in 1943 to resist Nazi Germany

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

While browsing Dutch newspapers, I came across one called Trouw which is not only active today but also has section here showing its first issues beginning in 1943, as the newspaper was originally formed in order to resist Nazi Germany. The editors of the newspaper were also not just about words as Wikipedia informs us:

The Nazi occupying forces tried to stop publication by rounding up and imprisoning around twenty of the couriers. They issued an ultimatum to the leaders of Trouw; however, the editors did not give in and all of the captured couriers were executed.
There are a total of 46 issues online from 1943 to 1945. The issues are scanned images so it helps if you can read Dutch, but even if you can't if you are interested in that period of time in the Netherlands it's easy enough to type up the articles bit by bit and let Google do the translation, which though not perfect is usually accurate.

From the cover of the last issue (edit: one of the last issues) in 16 April 1945:

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