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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Looking at the list of Swadesh lists on Wiktionary yesterday I noticed that there was no entry for Ido or Latin, and since I'm fond of comparing IALs to Latin vocabulary (the idea is that an IAL may at least indirectly appeal to Latin revivalists as well and hopefully could garner a modicum of support from them too) I've made the list. Latin actually came from here so that part was easy as well. I won't bother indicating where Ido happens to be more similar to Latin than English as it's quite obvious where this is the case, and though Ido may not be quite as similar as Interlingua / LsF or Occidental, it's still not too bad.

Actual translations are probably more interesting though, and I hope to do some more when I can. I translated a small story about Latona in Latin into a number of IALs: Occidental, Interlingua, latino sine flexione, idiom neutral, and of course Ido. Not sure why I neglected to do an LFN translation. Perhaps this text could serve as a supplement to the Babel text.

No. English
1 I me ego
2 you (singular) tu tu
3 he il(u) is
4 we ni nos
5 you (plural) vi vos
6 they li ei
7 this ico hic, is
8 that to ille
9 here hike hic
10 there ibe ibi
11 who qua quis
12 what quo quid
13 where ube ubi
14 when kande quando
15 how quale quomodo
16 not ne non
17 all omna omnis
18 many multa multi
19 some kelka aliqui
20 few poka pauci
21 other altra alter
22 one un unus
23 two du duo
24 three tri tres
25 four quar quattuor
26 five kin quinque
27 big granda magnus, grandis
28 long longa longus
29 wide larja latus
30 thick dika creber
31 heavy pezoza gravis
32 small mikra parvus
33 short kurta brevis
34 narrow streta angustus
35 thin dina macer
36 woman muliero femina, mulier
37 man (male) viro vir
38 man (human) homo homo
39 child puero puer
40 wife spozino uxor
41 husband spozulo maritus
42 mother matro mater
43 father patro pater
44 animal animalo, besto animal
45 fish fisho piscis
46 bird ucelo avis, avicellus
47 dog hundo canis
48 louse lauso pediculus
49 snake serpento serpens
50 worm vermo vermis
51 tree arboro arbor
52 forest foresto silva
53 stick bastono fustis
54 fruit frukto fructus
55 seed semino semen
56 leaf folio folium
57 root radiko radix
58 bark (of a tree) kortico cortex
59 flower floro flos
60 grass herbo herba
61 rope kordo funis
62 skin pelo cutis
63 meat karno caro
64 blood sango sanguis
65 bone osto os
66 fat (noun) graso pinguis
67 egg ovo ovum
68 horn korno cornu
69 tail kaudo cauda
70 feather plumo penna
71 hair haro capillus
72 head kapo caput
73 ear orelo auris
74 eye okulo oculus
75 nose nazo nasus
76 mouth boko os, oris
(bucca = cheek)
77 tooth dento dens
78 tongue lango lingua
79 fingernail fingro-unglo unguis
80 foot pedo pes
81 leg gambo crus
82 knee genuo genu
83 hand manuo manus
84 wing alo ala
85 belly ventro venter
86 guts intestino viscera
87 neck kolo collum
88 back dorso tergum
89 breast pektoro, mamo pectus, mamma
90 heart kordio cor
91 liver hepato iecur
92 to drink drinkar bibere
93 to eat manjar edere
94 to bite mordar mordere
95 to suck sugar sugere
96 to spit sputar sputare
97 to vomit vomar vomere
98 to blow suflar flare
99 to breathe respirar spirare
100 to laugh ridar ridere
101 to see vidar videre
102 to hear audar audire
103 to know savar scire
104 to think pensar putare
105 to smell flarar olere
106 to fear timar timere
107 to sleep dormar dormire
108 to live vivar vivere
109 to die mortar mori
110 to kill mortigar necare
111 to fight kombatar pugnare
112 to hunt chasar venari
113 to hit batar pulsare
114 to cut tranchar secare
115 to split fendar scindere
116 to stab poniardagar perforare
117 to scratch skrachar radere
118 to dig exkavar fodere
119 to swim natar natare
120 to fly flugar volare
121 to walk marchar gradi
122 to come venar venire
123 to lie (as in a bed) kushar
(also note: jacar)
124 to sit sidar sedere
125 to stand stacar stare
126 to turn (intransitive) turnar vertere
127 to fall falar cadere
128 to give donar dare
129 to hold tenar tenere
130 to squeeze klemar comprimere
131 to rub frotar fricare
132 to wash lavar lavare
133 to wipe vishar tergere
134 to pull tirar trahere
135 to push pulsar pellere
136 to throw jetar iactare
137 to tie ligarligare
138 to sew sutar serere
139 to count kontar, kalkular numerare
140 to say dicar dicere
141 to sing kantar canere
142 to play ludar ludere
143 to float flotacar fluctuare
144 to flow fluar fluere
145 to freeze frostar gelare
146 to swell inflar tumere
147 sun suno sol
148 moon luno luna
149 star stelo stella
150 water aquo aqua
151 rain pluvo pluvia
152 river rivero, fluvio fluvius
153 lake lago lacus
154 sea maro mare
155 salt salo sal
156 stone petro, stono lapis, petra
157 sand sablo arena
158 dust polvo pulvis
159 earth tero terra
160 cloud nubo nimbus, nubes
161 fog nebulo caligo, nebula
162 sky cielo caelum
163 wind vento ventus
164 snow nivo nix
165 ice glacio glacies
166 smoke fumo fumus
167 fire fairo ignis
168 ash cindro cineres
169 to burn brular ardere
170 road voyo, strado via
171 mountain monto mons
172 red reda ruber
173 green verda viridis
174 yellow flava flavus
175 white blanka albus
176 black nigra niger
177 night nokto nox
178 day dio dies
179 year yaro annus
180 warm varma calidus
181 cold kolda frigidus
182 full plena plenus
183 new nova novus
184 old olda, anciena vetus
185 good bona bonus
186 bad mala malus
187 rotten putrinta puter, putridus
188 dirty sordida sordidus
189 straight rekta rectus
190 round ronda rotundus
191 sharp (as a knife) akuta acer
192 dull (as a knife) obtuza hebes
193 smooth glata levis
194 wet humida umidus
195 dry sika siccus
196 correct korekta rectus
197 near proxima propinquus
198 far fora longinquus
199 right dextra dexter
200 left sinistra sinister
201 at che ad
202 in en in
203 with kun cum
204 and e(d) et
205 if se si
206 because nam quia
207 name nomo nomen

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