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Sunday, July 25, 2010 has been the site I've always gone to when taking a look at the original text for a certain passage, but today I came across a site that does the same thing but in much more detail called The existence of this site certainly isn't news for Biblical scholars but it is for me, hence the post on it today.

The example linked to where I first found out about it was this one, originating from a discussion on what the original text in the "if someone asks you to go a mile, go two" means - whether the original Greek actually means a mile, or some other unit. This is a good example as gives the meaning and pronunciation of each word right away whereas requires one to click on each word to see the meaning in a pop-up window, but at the same time gives the definition of the word for mile (milion), which is:

μίλιον,n \{mil'-ee-on}
1) a mile, among the Romans the distance of a thousand paces or eight stadia, about 1.5 km [somewhat less than our mile]
Also, has the text and reading of the Old Testament as well, whereas is for the NT only.

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