FreeCol now available in Interlingua

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yesterday the UMI informed us on its Facebook page that the strategy game FreeCol (kind of like Civilization, but free) is now available in Interlingua and I've been trying it out. Translating a game like this is naturally an excellent idea, and a brilliant way to promote a language. It also happens to be available in a number of other languages as well, including (of course) Esperanto, Afrikaans, Estonian, Occitan, Persian, and many others. It seems that a language does not have to be completely translated in order to be available either, as Persian is only about half complete and untranslated parts simply appear in English...actually, according to this page Persian is only 17% translated, Interlingua is at 100%, Esperanto is at 93.53%, Afrikaans 97.5%, Ido is at 1.03%, and even Ancient Greek is at 26.7%. A translation into another IAL shouldn't be too hard, and Sambahsa comes to mind here.

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