Sweden barely approves new nuclear power plants, but election in September looms

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sweden just passed a bill by a mere two votes (three legislators were also absent) to rescind a former piece of legislation from 1980 banning the construction of nuclear power plants, but depending on the results of the election in September the rescinding of the rescinding of nuclear power could be rescinded.

One interesting thing about France: in both health care and power, France is a country that carries out policies that are both more liberal and environmentally-friendly than other countries, but those on the so-called left wing in other countries oppose. Private companies being involved in health care such as in France would be vehemently opposed in Canada and Britain for example, while the same goes with nuclear power.

In the meantime as the election approaches, here's a debate from Ted.com on nuclear energy. I haven't watched it yet but probably will today. It's quite new and so far has only been translated into Vietnamese.

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