Some example sentences in Dingwa

Monday, June 28, 2010

Dingwa is still the least complete of the four Indo-European IALs, but since its grammar is also ridiculously easy (especially if you know an Altaic or similar language) I've decided to try my hand at writing up a few sentences from the existing vocabulary, about 400 words or so. There doesn't seem to be any explanation for how to use two verbs in a sentence (I want to go, he plans to sleep, etc.) but you can still write quite a bit if you're willing to stay within what vocabulary there already is. Here are my first attempts at writing in the language:

Kuwam widis? -- What do you see?

Newam wido. -- I see nothing.

Ne estu, tostu wide. Owjaim ne widis, jewai djuwasu peten? -- Not here, look there. Don't you see the birds that fly in the sky?

Ah, towei owjaim? Trijei owjaim wido. -- Ah, those birds? I see three birds.

Dina gumaawit, arukas domado ejaawomos. -- Day dawned (day came); we went to the plowman's house.

Sit tuwas snuba esiso, tuwage piskam daniso, tuwas kerdam gurmaagiso, tuwakom snajiso, soluja tuwam lubisen. -- If I am your spouse (if I become your spouse), I will give you fish, I will warm your heart, I will swim with you, everyone will love you.

Kustu gelostei morja 'sit? -- Where is the coldest sea?

Mento, Surdei Morja gelostei morja 'sit.
-- I think the Black Sea is the coldest.

Ma Surdei Morjam sousaagisen.
-- But they're going to dry the Black Sea.

Nedu. Surdei Morjam lubomes i onaim moraagisomes.
Eje, onaikom ukwe ma sit morjam sousaagen, onaim moraage. Towei morja nais gwiwa 'sit. -- Never. We love the Black Sea and we will kill them. Go, talk with them but if they dry the sea, kill them. That sea is our life.

Egam danken! -- They're biting me!

Sit ne swopaawis tuwam ne dankaawen. I memsabi swam ne nigwe. -- If you didn't sleep they wouldn't have bitten you (if you didn't sleep they didn't bite you). And don't wash yourself with meat.

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