Contributing to Wikisource: another good way to learn a language

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Depending on the language Wikisource can be a good place to get some practice in while aiding the language you are studying as well. Some Wikisources such as the one in French have a ton of content to type up as well as a setup that makes it easy to contribute. This page for example shows a list of books that have not been typed up yet, and then after clicking on one of the books you are then taken to a page showing which pages of the book have been typed, which have been typed and checked by another user, and so on. Some of the books are quite old (16th century even) and have different orthography. Here's one page as an example. German texts will also often be written in Fraktur. The Norwegian Wikisource feels a bit weird considering how similar old texts are to Danish, even more than modern Norwegian is.

Unfortunately each Wikisource is set up in a different way so it's not always easy to find exactly where to begin contributing. Sometimes the best way will be to check out the recent changes to see what other users are working on at the moment and then go from there.

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