What other international auxiliary languages are there other than Esperanto? (1927)

Friday, May 07, 2010

From a newspaper in 1927:

Q. What international languages are there other than Esperanto? When were they invented?

A. Ido was invented in 1907 by two Frenchmen, Couturat and De Beaufront; Volapuk was invented in 1880; Idiom Neutral, 1898, by W. Rosenberger; Interlingua, 1902, by Prof. Peano; Occidental by E. de Wahl. Other universal languages suggested are Unial, Europal, Medial, Europan, Omney, Domni, and Romanal.

"Omney" there probably refers to Omnez, which along with the others has a small introduction on the Esperanto Wikipedia.

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