Slight change in plans for the Idiom Neutral dictionaries

Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm up to O right now in the Idiom Neutral - English dictionary and after this part I'll be typing up the remaining dictionaries in a bit of a different manner than I said before. The reason for this is the quality of the scans on the English side compared to the German - the English scans are pretty bad with parts cut off here and there, and since the IN - English and IN - German parts are in more or less the same order, supplementing the missing parts with the corresponding German pages hasn't been too hard. On the other hand, after I reach the English - IN part I'll be dealing with pages that look like this:

Some words there are pretty easy to guess at: diurnal is journal, voyaj is journey, voyajar is journey (verb), yovial is juvial, etc. But yok...well, before that is yunkte which seems to be joined, so yok is...maybe joke? Go a bit above and there's yokos and yukund, hmm...maksil inferior and superior I recognize from the other part, and they mean lower and upper jawbone.

And even after that there are some scans that look like this:

Hmm, no Idiom Neutral terms at all on the right column there. But page 241 I think is my favourite. Ready for the best one?

Argh...have fun deciphering that. I love Google for scanning the book and putting it up for free, but they could have done a bit better job with the scan of the English version.

So due to this I think it'll be best to use the English - IN part of the dictionary as a supplement to the IN - English part, where I'll go through the words one by one and check to see if they are in the IN - English part, and if not then add them. The IN - English dictionary alone looks like it'll end up being around 7000 entries, and then these will be added.

Before that though I think I'll type up the German pdf as I intend to do that without any formatting (like nopudik), as the IN - English dictionary already indicates the derivation, and the work goes much, much faster when I don't have to change from italics and back then to bold and back and then to italics and back and then finally type up the word and then bold and back, my Dvorak-trained fingers are longing for a big swath of straight typing without formatting and squinting at badly scanned pdfs, and with the bit of German practice it'll give me on top of everything it'll be a nice break before I begin going through the English - IN part of the dictionary for extra terms. And in the meantime the IN - English dictionary is certainly large enough for me and others to begin writing some real content in the language.

And of course it will give German speakers a much quicker dictionary to work with when writing content in Idiom Neutral.

If tomorrow's session at Starbucks is productive enough I should have the IN - English part finished in about two or three days, and then I'll announce it here and on auxlang and send them out to anyone I believe to be interested (Igor, Lance, nov_ialist, Olivier, etc., etc.).

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