Price of the Nissan Leaf and other electric cars in Europe

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Here are a few numbers from an article here in Norwegian a week ago on the price of the upcoming Nissan Lief in various European countries, compared to some other electric vehicles.

Nissan International SA announced Tuesday that its fully electric Nissan Leaf will be priced under 30,000 euros after incentives in most markets in Europe where the Leaf will first be launched, putting pressure on Mitsubishi which announced that the price of their electric i-Miev would be 33,699 pounds in the UK, before incentives. The Think City in Norway costs 285,000 krone, including batteries.

Converting to USD:
Nissan Leaf $36,000 after incentives
Mitsubishi i-Miev $48,600 before incentives
Think City $43,480

The price of the Leaf in the UK after incentives would be 27,471 euros ($33,500), 32,839 euros ($40,000) in the Netherlands, and somewhere under 30,000 euros in Portugal and Ireland. All these prices include batteries.

Compared to this, the most expensive version of the Toyota Prius is 22,000 pounds ($31,700).

Sales of the Nissan Leaf in the UK should start in February 2011, so just eight months and a bit from now.
And in other news from today, the Nissan Leaf is already sold out for 2011. That was quick.

A range of 160 km per charge looks something like this:

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Looks a bit small on a map like that but for daily commuting it's more than enough, and sales are pretty clear that there is a huge interest in them. But the final victory for electric cars should come when the average range reaches something around 300 - 600 km, after which they will become usable for everything but the longest road trips, and people begin seeing cars like they do their cellphones - something you use during the day and plug in at night.

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