Hear what Idiom Neutral sounds like sung

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Now that you've heard what Idiom Neutral sounds like when spoken (also here):

you can also hear what it sounds like when sung:

Lord of the Rings fans should recognize the song right away. The translation is more of a faithful than a literal translation, so it differs in some areas but is probably more like something Pippin would have composed himself if he had been fluent in Idiom Neutral.

Dictionary progress: now that I have an English scan without errors I've changed the order again. It will go like this:

1) Finish Idiom Neutral - English part
2) Type up Idiom Neutral - German part, without formatting. There are some obvious areas where the German spelling differs from that of today but since it's not by mother tongue I'll just leave it alone and once I'm done let those that speak German do whatever they want with it.
3) Type up English - Idiom Neutral part
4) Type up grammar in German.
5) Type up German - Idiom Neutral part

I might go with step 4 before 3 as the most important material to have is a grammar and dictionary, though admittedly a dictionary is much more crucial as searching takes a long time when using a pdf whereas a grammar is more for slower and more thoughtful perusal.

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