The Gospel of Luke in Papiamentu

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Finding written content in Papiamentu isn't impossible but it's not the easiest task in the world either, and there doesn't seem to be a complete version of the Bible online in Papiamentu as there are in many other languages (40 on this site alone). Even Wikipedia only has a link to this page with a single page excerpt. By coincidence though I came across this page today, and clicking on the fourth link will bring up a pdf of the full Gospel of Luke in Papiamentu. Don't get excited by the audio links though, as they aren't audio files of the same document, just standard radio recordings with some talking and some singing.

Actually, taking a closer look at it it should be Papiamento, as it uses the etymological spelling used in Aruba (lots of q and c) as opposed to the more phonetic one used in Curaçao.

One passage for comparison (English version here, Spanish here):

1. Y a sosode un biáha riba un dia di Sabbat, qu é tawata pasa den un terenu plantá; y su discipelnan tawata coge tapushi di maïshi y come nan fregándo nan cu nan man. 2. Y algun dje Fariseonan a bisa nan: Paquiqu boso ta haci cos, qu riba dia di Sabbat no ta permití pa haci? 3. Y Jesus a contesta nan: Boso no a leza, quiqu David a haci dia qu é tawatin hamber y esnan, qu tawata cu né? 4. Con el a bai den cas di Dios, y tumándo e pannan di proposicion a come nan, y a duna tambe na esnan, qu tawata cu né, qua no tawata permití pa come sino na e sacerdotenan so? 5. Y é dici cu nan: E Yiu di hende ta tambe Señor di Sabbat.

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