Get ready for more flyby photos of both Enceladus and Titan

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cassini will be making a flyby of Saturn's two most interesting moons today and tomorrow, and possibly the most interesting moons in the Solar System as well (whether that's true or not really depends on what's inside Enceladus vs. Europa around Jupiter), so getting both of them together like this is about as good as it gets. First Cassini will fly by Enceladus:

Then it will move away and toward Titan:

which it will then fly by at this point:

Apparently the trajectory is so perfect there won't even be a need for a course correction in between the two. Flyby distance: 435 km from Enceladus, 1400 km from Titan.

By the way, Japan's probe to Venus (Akatsuki) will be launching on Friday (Thursday in North America). Today's launch attempt was cancelled due to bad weather just a few minutes before it was scheduled to go ahead.

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