A few more examples of Idiom Neutral from the original grammar

Friday, May 21, 2010

11 days ago I finished typing the English grammar of Idiom Neutral and the German grammar is also pretty much the same, but the Dutch grammar I found yesterday (see the files section in the Idiom Neutral group to read it yourself) is written a few years later and has added a number of examples to some of the sections which is a nice surprise as actual content in the language in these grammars is fairly sparse.


Felix am sue soror - Felix loves (his own) sister.
Felix am sie soror - Felix lover (his/her) sister, i.e. the sister of another.


Using possessives as stand-alone words: el libr es mie (that book is mine).


Ekse du ofisiri; ist es kolonel, el es leutenant. - Here are two officers; this one is a colonel, that one is a lieutenant.

Ist kaval - this horse.

El kaval - that horse.

Eske vo konos ist du personi? - Do you know these two people?

Si, ist es patr de ela. - Yes, this is the father of her (this is her father).

Ist sinior e el siniora. - This gentleman and that lady.

Ist siniori e el siniorai. - These gentlemen and those ladies.

Tel, kel av diked it, es mentiator. - That (person) who has said it is a liar.

Tel radik es leplu bon, kel... - The best root is one that... (lit. That kind of root is best, which...)

Tel land es leplu salubr, kel... - The healthiest land is that which...

Ist libr es tel de mie kamarad. - This book is my friend's. (lit. This book is that of my comrade.)

El sem polka. - The same polka.

Yuste el sem polka. - Just the same polka.

El sem pulvr. - The same powder.

Yuste el sem pulvr. - Just the same powder.

El person es el sem, kel mi av vised ya. - That person is the same (one) that I have already seen.

Karl av libr bel, mi av it sem. - Karl has a nice book, I have the same one (the same book).


Ki av fasied it? - Who has done it?

Mi desir konosar, ki av fasied it. - I want to know who has done it.

Kekos il dik? - What is he saying?

Kekos es diked, no es ver. - What is said is not true.

Mie fili es malad, kekos no es agreabl. - My child is sick, a terrible thing.

Kel de ist siniori vo konos? - Which of these gentlemen do you know?

Kel de el siniorai veniero? - Which of those ladies would come?

Kel dom? - Which house?

Amik, kel am noi. - The friend that loves us.

Amik, kel noi am. - The friend that we love.

Siniora, kel mi am. - The lady that I love.

No oblivia soror de ist hom, a kela vo debt omni-kos. - Don't forget this man's sister, to whom (the sister) you owe everything.

Siniorai, a keli vo skrib. - The ladies to whom you write.

Ekse kaval, kes mi volu donar a vo. - Here is the horse that I want to give to you.

Mi loji in hotel, in kel vo av lojied anteriore. - I'm staying at the hotel where you stayed before.

Kel de el tabli vo selekt? - Which of those tables do you choose?

Stul, in kel vo sed. - The chair where you sit.

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