17 May 2010: Venus is right next to the Moon in the evening sky right now; Japan will be launching a probe there tomorrow

Monday, May 17, 2010

Two quick notes on Venus: one is that at the moment it's super bright in the evening sky and the Moon has just finished its new moon phase, which means the two are really close to each other in the evening sky now. Venus is now so bright and far removed from the Sun (from our point of view) that it can be seen well before all the sunlight has disappeared from the sky after the Sun has set.

More important than this though is Japan's launching of a probe to Venus tomorrow, at 6 am over here in Japan/Korea time and Monday night in North America. It also carries a solar sail with it, and the launch time needs to be extremely precise...so let's wait until they are both successfully launched and then get excited over the new probes.

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