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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Doing a few searches for interesting content on Scribd, I noticed that in September last year a number of science textbooks in Afrikaans for children from grades 4 to 7 had been uploaded. Given the scarcity of material online in Afrikaans anyone interested in or learning the language should certainly check them out. Though written for children to early teenagers, the content is still interesting enough that an adult should be able to learn some new things at the same time as learning the language, and in fact being written for a somewhat younger audience is probably a benefit since content written for adult only can tend to be replete with terminology only a specialist would know, or sentences that run on, and on, and on, and on...that's fine when it's your L1 but when studying another language you do want sentences to end at a fairly reasonable length.

My favourite one there is Die Aarde en Daar Buite (the Earth and beyond) for grade 7 students. Much of the astronomical info is out of date, but then again pretty much all textbooks on astronomy go out of date within a year or so (last year textbooks would have concluded that the Moon was completely devoid of water, except maybe in the craters at the poles, and now we know that's not true) and the rest of the information is pretty good.

The drawings are fun too. Ek kan nie enige suurstof of stikstof sien nie! Dis onsigbaar!

Die Aarde en Daar Buite [Graad 7 Afrikaans]

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