Learning languages through Euronews videos seems to work best with German

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I sometimes reference Euronews videos in Turkish here with notes on how the text differs from the video, as though sometimes the two match up perfectly most of the time there are sentences missing or unread, slightly different terminology or other changes that tend to bewilder the new student.

Euronews is in nine languages though, and it seems that the extent to which the videos and text differ depends on which language. Italian and French and most other languages (except Russian and Arabic which I didn't check) seem to be quite different, but German is a nice surprise as they almost match up entirely. Looking over four videos in German from today this and this only differ to the slightest extent, while this and this have texts that match the videos perfectly. Assuming I wasn't just lucky in my four picks, it looks like the staff at German Euronews have a policy of more strictly adhering to the script than others.

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