One bazillion questions on constructed, auxiliary and reconstructed languages answered on New York Times

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In January I planned to mention this post from Schott's Vocab on, a post saying that questions posed by readers would be answered in an upcoming post by Paul Frommer (the creator of Na'vi) and Arika Okrent (a linguist and author of a fairly well-known book on constructed languages). The post said that they would be answered in about a week, but after waiting for two or three weeks and seeing no sign of it I gave up.


That was just because there was so many questions to be answered. They were answered today here in a post taking up some 40+ pages. In fact, I'm not quite done reading it. So far though it has mentioned a large number of topics often brought up here, such as auxlangs in general, constructed vs. reconstructed (Hebrew), vocabulary expansion for Na'vi, etc. Unfortunately, not as many IALs are mentioned as I would have liked as the discussion is mostly centered on Esperanto without a single mention of Ido, Interlingua, Occidental, or any other.

Edit: also, here's the feature on Good Morning America about Na'vi I mentioned a while back.


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