More on the reintroduction of Spanish to the Philippines

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here's another article on the reintroduction of Spanish to the Philippines, which I last wrote about here. The article notes that there is a need for call centre and any other 24-hour services in Spanish in the area, which makes sense when you look at the map:

In between Latin America and Spain there is a big gap, which only the Philippines could fill given both its location and relative proficiency with the language. If we assume an 8-6 shift that gives us the following:

The red represents the period from 8 am to 6 pm when most people are working, and black the other parts of the day. Right now for example it's 3:17 pm in Spain, so in the third red square from the right. In Argentina though it's only 10:17 am, so the third square from the left, and in the Philippines it's evening (9:17 pm) but just shortly after those working in Latin America have gone home people in the Philippines will go to work, and it then has a six-hour period of the day all to itself.

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