Lynne Olson on the Daily Show and the beginning of the Anglo-American alliance in World War II

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Yesterday's interview on the Daily Show likely didn't garner all that much attention online, but is worth watching for anyone interested in WWII history:

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If you're in Canada, here's how you can watch the Daily Show there.

The part about doing a jig once it was found out that the US would be entering WWII after the attack on Pearl Harbor was interesting as rereading John Toland's biography of Hitler I've just gone over Hitler's reaction to it too. The first day he heard about it he was overjoyed at having Japan on his side in such an active way ("We cannot lose the war! Now we have a partner who has not been defeated in three thousand years.")...but then after a few days of rational thought he realized that the end effect of the US joining the war was the freeing up of Stalin's eastern front, effectively giving him a free hand in the west to send troops against Germany, which he did.


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