Google Maps now available in Norway

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Remember last May when Google sent its car around Norway to take pictures of the street? It seems that they're finally done processing all the data and you can now see what Norway looks like from the ground.

First I tried Fredrikstad because it has a nice old town but the view from the street only went up to the part across the river from it, so no old town for us just yet. Apparently Bærum is the richest part of Oslo but I couldn't find anything interesting there either so I went downtown instead. Here's a nice view showing a church and some other commercial buildings in the same view.

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Google Street view is of course a great resource for those wanting to learn a language. Even something as simple as this:

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salg -- sale
åpningstider -- open hours

Also, it looks like it's available in Denmark, Sweden and Finland too. Not sure if that's new but if it is then be sure to check out those countries too.


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