Conjugating Turkish adjectives

Monday, February 01, 2010

Here's a site that automatically conjugates Turkish adjectives for you. The translation on the right is in German but it's not hard to figure out (the equivalent of I am ___, you are ___, he is ___, etc.). The suffixes on the end are colour-coded, and seem to mean the following:

red: regular, necessary suffix.

green: consonant buffer (like iyi+im = iyiyim)

purple: optional, depending on the situation. The example (hızlı, fast) with the 3rd person plural shows this. What this means is that when you have onlar (they) in the sentence you can simply write hızlı and not hızlılar, but if you don't have it then you need to write hızlılar in order to show that this is plural and not singular. "They are going" for example could be "onlar gidiyorlar", "onlar gidiyor", or "gidiyorlar". The final is by far the most common way to say it, followed by the second, and the first is least common since it's redundant.


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