Turkish internet users have increased by 1125% over the past decade

Thursday, January 07, 2010

That's from an article here in Turkish from Sabah. The number comes from internetworldstats.com which is somewhat well known for its list of top ten languages on the internet, but if you dig a bit deeper into the site you can find stats for a lot of other languages as well. In tenth place on the list is Korean with 37.5 million, and Turkish isn't too far behind with 26.5 million. Korean has already almost reached the limit in terms of penetration and thus has only grown 96.8% over the past decade (though if North Korea ever opens up it'll skyrocket again), whereas Turkish has lower penetration and thus more growth over the past decade, growing by 1125%. This is pretty much the same as Chinese (1087%), and only Russian (1360%) and Arabic (1908%) have grown faster.

Italian used to be on the list and is probably in 11th place right now, as Italy counts for 30 million users plus a bit here and there such as part of Switzerland.

While Turkey has the seventh largest number of internet users in Europe, Turkey is still one of the most expensive places to use the internet with average costs of $20+ for each 1 Mbps. Japan for comparison costs $0.27 per 1 Mbps.

Oh, and if you're studying Turkish don't forget that you can click on "haberi dinle" (listen to the news) to hear a TTS (robotic voice) version of the article.


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