My cat Windy playing fetch

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Apparently cats don't like to play fetch but both of mine just love it, so I must be doing something right. Today I took a short video of Windy in order to provide evidence. Sorry for the shaky camerawork but you have to throw the fuzzy soccer ball just right in order for him to want to run after it and I had the camera in my other hand at the same time. A throw away from the cat = boring. Straight to the cat = boring. Too slow = boring. Too high = boring. A throw over the shoulder and too quick to catch = awesome, must catch, put in mouth and bring straight back!

The first successful fetch happens at 0:20, and a second one takes place near the end.


cafaristeir said...

I agree, it's different with my big brown tabby. He got the ball on the head and went away !

데이빛 / Mithridates said...

Did you make sure to make it exciting before you threw it? I forgot to mention that with Windy you have to hold the ball and make a scratching sound on the floor for a few seconds before you throw it, otherwise he won't be paying enough attention when it's thrown.

cafaristeir said...

Indeed, my cat is generally excited when he sees me, and my family reproaches me with overexciting him. But it's a big tomcat...

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