More on Spanish education in Brazil and Russia: Brazil needs 12,000 Spanish teachers, Russia has 20,000 Spanish students

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Here are another few links related to yesterday's post on Spanish in Brazil and Russia:

This one says that the rapid increase in the number of Spanish students in Brazil (currently at 5 million) will require 12,000 Spanish teachers, an increase over the current 7,000.

It also mentions that Russia is a place where there could be a "Brazilian effect", or a rapid expansion of Spanish in schools as it is added to the foreign languages being taught there. Some 20,000 students learn Spanish in Russia right now.

The press release from the Instituto Cervantes also mentions that Spanish along with Italian (not sure why?) and Chinese are attracting more and more interest while interest is waning in French and German. Once again though, this does not mean that those languages are any less worth learning - the less a major language is studied by others the easier it is to stand out as a fluent speaker, and French and German certainly aren't going anywhere. For a post on the "value" (in quotes because the true value of a language comes from the language itself regardless of extent or influence) of a language, see here.


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