Korean language practice - don't take acorns and chestnuts from the squirrels

Friday, January 15, 2010

Here's an interesting sign I saw the other day at a park telling people not to take acorns (도토리) and chestnuts (밤) from the park because squirrels need them to survive the winter. Much more effective IMO than just saying "don't take nuts because the animals need them".

Here's what it says (using a slightly literal translation so the English will be a tad awkward):

다람쥐 가족의 겨울나기 걱정
Squirrel family's winter survival worries

엄마 사람들이 밤과 도토리를 다 주워가요
Mom, people are taking chestnuts and acorns

우리는 추운 겨울에 어떻게 지내요? - 아기다람쥐
How are we going to pass the cold winter? - baby squirrel

그래 걱정이야 밤과 도토리는 우리들의 겨울철 양식인데
Yeah it's worrying, chestnuts and acorns are our winter provisions, but

사람들이 마구 주워가는 구나! - 엄마다람쥐
people keep collecting them / picking them up! - mother squirrel


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