Iranians chase away goon weilding a gun on Ashura

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Here's another video that recently surfaced from the protests on Ashura:

You can read some context here.

Here's another video from the same day with protesters swarming a member of security on a bike.

See here and here for some commentary on Mousavi's latest statement. The most important part is probably this one:

"We have several times been told [by the establishment] that if you issue no statements, the people would not come to the streets, but neither me nor Mr Karroubi had issued any statement, but the people still came into the streets.

(Persian text of the statement is here and that part above is in the first paragraph after the opening)

Since the movement is not waiting for any orders from Mousavi, Karroubi or anybody else, any steps taken against them by the regime can do nothing but backfire. It's also why their political targets have been limited to less prominent people - not Mousavi but Mousavi's nephew, not Shirin Ebadi but her sister, etc. We've all seen what happens when something happens involving a much more prominent figure (i.e. the death of Ayatollah Montazeri).


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