Funding for national space programs vs. the military

Monday, January 25, 2010

Here's a quick image to show to anyone that says we simply don't have the resources or capability for a permanent presence in space yet:

Well, perhaps we don't if we continue to fund everything using that tiny sliver on the left. The numbers come from here, and include the space program vs. military budgets for the US, Canada, Russia, China, and EU countries that contribute to the ESA.
Grand Total Space Agency Spending: 23.6 billion dollars. Grand Total Military Spending: 984.6 billion dollars.

At the very least though we are continuing to get less and less violent (the video explaining this is 20 minutes long so you might want to get something to drink before playing it):

though a faster pace would be nice.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the two can be combined. :)

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