Dan Buettner on how to live to 100

Friday, January 15, 2010

Here's a video from Ted.com that was recently uploaded on how to live to 100, or more specifically how certain cultures have a relatively large number of people that live to that age. I noticed it as it is also the most recently translated work, once again into Bulgarian, so at the moment this video can only be understood by those that know English or Bulgarian. I'm sure Spanish will be added soon.

Two other interesting parts from the video is the inclusion of Sardinia (where Sardinian, the most conservative Romance language is spoken), and the word ikigai from Okinawa that he brings up a few times. Ikigai is written 生き甲斐 (and often just 生きがい) and comes from the gerund of ikiru (to live) + gai, which makes a noun that means "the value/worth of (verb)". Take the verb hanasu (talk) for example and you might get a sentence like this:


(nante hanashigai no nai yatsu da)

which means "what a useless guy to talk to".


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