$8 billion for high-speed rail in the United States

Saturday, January 30, 2010

There are a lot of links on this over the past few days so I'll share a few here. One is this video from before the announcement of how much money would be going where on what it would mean for Florida (Orlando to Tampa), and it turned out that the money coming to Florida for this would be $1.25 billion - half what they had applied for, but more might come later. The largest chunk will go to California though it looks like the first immediate benefits will be seen in Florida as this is a much smaller line than the one planned for California, as Orlando to Tampa is only 157 km. San Francisco to Los Angeles though is 550 km.

A Daily Kos entry here goes over the reasons for Florida being given a large (but not largest) chunk of the funding. Giving Florida the largest portion of the funding probably would have looked a bit out of place given that California needs the funding that much more, and also because Florida is still a swing state. $1.25 billion (and maybe more later) seems to be just about right.


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