Tea Party co-founder not happy with false right/left paradigm

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Read about it here and here. I agree 100%, and have written much the same thing before here. The Tea Party movement in 2007 was a completely different one from the present one after having been hijacked by disgruntled opponents of the current administration. In 2007 it was based on a philosophy of government and economics and neither the administration at the time nor the aspiring Democratic one were given preference. Indeed, Ron Paul is also well-known for being complimentary of those he otherwise doesn't agree with when they either agree on a single issue, or are at least intellectually honest and simply have a different view of government than his (agreeing to disagree). This is where his friendship and often-seen cooperation with Dennis Kucinich came from. Fast forward to 2009 and the current Tea Party movement has been taken over by a Fox News-backed rabble of disgruntled former Bush/Cheney/etc. supporters who not only belittled Ron Paul during the primaries in 2007 and 2008, but also do not realize that Ron Paul's first and foremost priority were he to become president would be to take all the troops home from Iraq and everywhere else, ASAP ("We walked in there, we can walk right back out").

The movement in 2007 was also a true grassroots movement. I even was able to help out with some grammatical corrections for the web site for the Ron Paul Blimp when it first went up (some problems with its vs. it's, a common error seen online) despite living in Korea and having never been to the United States. Good times.

Edit: here's another post on a slightly related note, from the well-known blog Little Green Footballs. Total comments so far on that post: 1480.


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