Speculation on whether Avatar's Pandora could actually exist or not

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I came across two articles dealing with this subject, two of many others I'm sure. Seeing these spinoff articles emerging from speculation over whether a moon like Pandora could actually exist is one of the best parts of having a movie like this out right now. The two similar articles are here and here (originating from this press release) concluding (as I did in the review yesterday) that yes, a moon like Pandora could exist around Alpha Centauri A. They also note the interesting fact that a moon around a gas giant close to a red dwarf star in its habitability zone would have normal day and night cycles, because though most of the time any planet close enough to a red dwarf to be in the zone of habitability would also be tidally locked (one side always facing the star), the moon would not have the same problem and would have a normal day and night; even if it was tidally locked to the gas giant it orbited, it would continue to present a different face to the star its parent planet orbits.


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