One more video from the funeral of Ayatollah Montazeri

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I think this video from Qom is the best one of all for the day:

Meanwhile, pro-government supporters held a rally of their own the day after, with lots of extra room on the street to stretch out and relax.

See more pictures from that rally here.

Let's do a quick comparison, and remember that these photos have been approved and published by the government itself; in other words, these are the most impressive images they have. Here's the image from their rally yesterday showing the largest number of people in one place:

Wow, look at all those people. Lengthwise it's about thirty people side by side, and it stretches back a little ways too. Now let's compare that to the opposition gathering at the funeral the day before.

Edit: Balatarin right now has a post from a blog here in Persian on the same subject: the pro-Ahmadinejad newspaper Kayhan published an article on the "great surge" of people in Qom (article screenshot here). The "great surge" actually looked like this:

whereas the funeral the day before looked like this:


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