Maziar Bahari on the Daily Show and the stupidity of evil

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Remember this post? Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari was imprisoned in Iran for 100+ days and recently released, and one of the pieces of "evidence" the authorities in Iran had against him was his appearance on the Daily Show. Well, yesterday he made an appearance on the Daily Show and talked among other things about the man who was directly responsibly for his imprisonment and interrogation and just how much of a farce the whole thing was and how little his interrogator knew about the outside world. The smart thing for the authorities in Iran to do at the time (from their point of view) would have been to simply revoke his press card and expel him from the country, but thanks to the imprisonment they have given an extremely prominent journalist a huge swath of worldwide attention showing just how clueless they really are about the people they are imprisoning, and sometimes executing.

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For more on the imprisonment itself, see here and here.


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