Editorial in New York Times calling for airstrikes on Iran gets roundly trashed

Friday, December 25, 2009

I was thinking of doing the same myself, but the National Iranian-American Council and many others did such a good job that I don't need to anymore. Read here for their response and see the bottom of the post for a number of other responses to the tired and false dilemma that the only way to deal with "Iran" (i.e. the regime currently attempting to hang on to power and unable to stop the continuous protests from the people) is by using military airstrikes.

In other news, the central bank in Iran is planning to "invalidate" banknotes with graffiti on them by January 8th due to the large amount of bills with marg bar diktator and whatnot scribbled on them. Not sure how they plan to do this, since cash is used by individuals without the approval of a central bank, and usually banks simply destroy defaced bills and new bills are then printed in their place. Perhaps when there is direct interaction between a bank and an individual or business they could try to ignore the defaced notes, but besides this I don't see what the bank could do. Here's what a defaced bill looks like.


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