Avatar conlang / auxlang fallout: another interview with Na'vi language creator Paul Frommer

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Here's another interview with Paul Frommer (and some other actors from Avatar) on the Na'vi language, another precious resource for those attempting to figure out the grammar before an official grammar is published.

The Canadian magazine MacLeans also has an article today on the language, and how the movie has brought the idea of constructed languages back to the fore. It's very true, as the article says, that if the language had not been properly constructed there would have been a great deal of disappointment - I know I wouldn't have enjoyed the movie half as much if I knew that the supposed language they were speaking was just a haphazard mix of alien-sounding words. Star Wars gets a pass of course since that was back before a billion eyes were available on the internet to analyze each and every detail of a new movie, but from now on real languages seem to be a must.

Low-budget movies don't need to worry about this though, since there's always a conlang or conlang creator out there that can be used/worked with to create a language for a movie, and conlangs are almost always labours of love so just about anyone that has created one would be overjoyed at the prospect of actually being paid to make one and coach a group of actors on how to speak it.

So where do you go to get a language created for a movie you're currently making? Right here.


cafaristeir said...

Dank Dave pro id LCS link; sessient masrour !

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