Too much Canadian bureaucracy results in Icelandic workers looking for jobs elsewhere

Sunday, November 08, 2009

It's been a while since I checked for updates on the plans between the government of Manitoba and Iceland to provide jobs to skilled workers from Iceland in the province and it looks like (as of late October) too much bureaucratic red tape has resulted in not a single worker coming to Canada after all this time, and most have gotten tired of the application process and have turned their attention to Europe instead.

An article on the same subject in Icelandic can be seen here (automatically translated here).

This would also be a good time to reference this interesting editorial from the day the final opposition to the Lisbon Treaty disappeared, because in spite of the reputation often allotted to Europe as an old, top-heavy and weary bastion of bureaucracy it is actually the most vibrant and dynamic part of the world right now; nowhere else has change occurred at quite a rapid pace. The op-ed makes a nice comparison between the situation in Europe and how many changes would have to take place in North America to equal it:

Imagine if the U.S. scrapped the dollar for a 'currency of the Americas,' let interest rates be set in Ottawa, dissolved its frontier with Mexico, accepted Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala as states, rewrote its constitution four times and let laws made in Washington D.C. be struck down by a court in Caracas. Only then do you understand what Europe has gone through in the last two decades.

This link (automatically translated latest results from Icelandic featuring the keyword European Union or Evrópasambandið) is a good one to keep an eye on for the latest news in Icelandic about the EU.


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