Tesla Roadster finally available in Canada (Toronto)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

One link here from the Globe and Mail has the story, and another one here features a test drive of the car in Toronto. The second link has quite a bit about so-called "range anxiety", where one begins to notice that the meter has gone down a fair amount and you begin to think about whether there is enough electricity to get home or wherever you happen to be going. This unease that many will still feel when driving an electric car is why it is of paramount importance to work on increasing range more than anything else, because this is the only downside to an electric car without the range problem there simply isn't any reason to stick with a gasoline-powered car anymore.

The range also means that other parts of Canada will not likely see one for quite some time, unless someone feels like taking the roadster on a very long road trip of only a few hours per day.

In other electric car news, Norway's Think has finally decided on a state in the US in which to build its Think City vehicles - Indiana. They had spent quite a bit of time looking at places like Oregon, California, Michigan and a few others. The Think City is actually a much more exciting car than the Tesla Roadster simply for the fact that it has the potential to be purchased by a large number of regular people for everyday needs.


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