Part 2 of the simply massive photographic tour of the Solar System

Monday, November 02, 2009

Two days ago was a post on a simply massive photographic tour of the Solar System including most of the major objects from Mercury to Saturn, and yesterday part 2 was released, covering the area from Saturn to Pluto and then more images summing up the Solar System in general.

Besides the photos of Hyperion, one of the coolest objects in the Solar System (looks like a piece of gray coral), my favourite images are the size comparisons found at the end. This one in particular featuring the Earth, the Moon and Neptune's moon Triton:

Triton is probably the most interesting object past Saturn besides the planets themselves, as it has a tiny atmosphere of its own that while only 1/70,000th the thickness of ours is still capable of creating winds and simple weather patterns, and extends up some 800 km above the surface if I remember correctly.

This might be a good idea to bring up the subject again of changing the name Uranus in English to the original Ouranos (Οὐρανός). The name is originally Greek and there's no sense in utilizing a Latinized version of the name if it merely ends up in giving the planet a giggle factor in English that it doesn't need to have.


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