Learning Korean through music: 미쓰코리아 (Miss Korea) by 자우림

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A post from another site of mine that I originally wrote on 2004.01.09. Remember, the translation is done as literally as possible, in order to help the student.

Original post from 2004:

This is the first track on their third cd, their heaviest and possibly best. Entitled Miss Korea, this song is about...Miss Korea.

Song lyrics

7)말은 필요 없지, 하지만 묻겠지, 모든게 준비 돼있어
오늘은 괜찮아, 마음껏 훑어 봐, 늘 그랬던 것처럼
내 몸을 봐, 더듬어 봐, 살펴 봐
머리는 무거워, 입술은 저려와, 하지만 참을 수 있어
이나라의 군인과 사춘기 소년의 환상이 되어 줄게
우스운 나의 모습은, 우스운 나의 웃음은...
세계의 평화위해 어색하게 웃음 짓는 미쓰코리아, 고귀한 여성이여 명예로운 이름이여 미쓰코리아
쇼는 모두 끝났어 입술도 풀렸어, 까불면 재미없어
새로운 이름과, 새로운 세계가 내 앞에 펼쳐져 있어

I don't need words, but (they'll) still ask, everything is ready.
I'm okay today, check me out as much as you want, just like you always did
Look at my body, take a look, check me out
My head is heavy, my lips are numb, but I can take it.
I'll become the fantasy of this country's soldiers and teenagers.
My ridiculous form, my ridiculous smile...
Smiling awkwardly for world peace, Miss Korea, a noble woman, an honourable name, Miss Korea
The shows are all over, I can feel my lips again, don't make fun
A new name and a new world is opening up before me...

필요없다-Not necessary. The opposite, to need, is 필요하다.
묻다-To ask. 
준비하다-To prepare. To be prepared is 준비되다.
괜 찮다-To be okay. Used in conversation a lot. Anyone who has been in Korea longer than a day has heard this word. 괜찮아, 아니, 괜찮아요...
마음껏-As much as one wants. 마음껏 먹다 means to eat as much as one feels like
훑어보다-To check out (by looking), scan.
...것처럼-Like, as if... 한국인인 것처럼 행동하다 - To act as if one were Korean.
더듬다-Check out, scan.
살피다-To open up, look well, peer (in the form 실펴 보다)
저리다-To be numb, to fall asleep.
소년-Youth. 사춘기 소년 means teenager, though they are usually referred to as 십년대 (people in their 10s).
환상-Image, fantasy.
끝나다-To end.
풀리다-To untie, loosen.
까불다-To talk back, make fun.

필 요 없지-Replacing the 다 at the end of a verb with 지 makes it into a statement that invites the listener to agree, like the English right? / don't you think?
먹어도 되다- You can eat it. 먹어도 되지! Well, why not eat it? Since this is non-polite Korea one may want to change it from 지 to 죠 (abbreviation of 지요).
이젠 집으로 가면 되죠? So I can go home now?
어색하다-This is used quite often in conversation so it's worthwhile to learn. 둘이 끼리는 좀 어색하니까 집으로 가리로 했어 - It was awkward just the two of us so I decided to go home.
어색한 분위기 - an awkward atmosphere/mood.
새롭다-Since this is an adjective that ends with ㅂ, it is conjugated as 새로운, 새로웠다, etc. However sometimes new is expressed just as 새.
새 집 - a new album (for a band),
새 컴퓨터 - new computer.
펼쳐 져 있어 - putting 지다 at the end of a conjugated verb gives the meaning of 'becoming'. In this case 펼치다 - to open up, which is conjugated as 펼쳐(요), becomes 펼쳐 지다 - to become opened up.
Other examples: 크다 (커) big. 커 지다 - to become big. 적다 - few. 적어 지다 - to become fewer.


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