Great example of spoken Uzbek on YouTube

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Three videos have been uploaded to YouTube fairly recently (August of this year), two of which serve as perhaps the best example of spoken Uzbek one can find online. The videos are from a 2005 trip to Andijan/Andijon, Uzbekistan's fourth largest city. The second video is admittedly a bit boring as it's just about food, as learning about one food after another in another language is quite a dry task for the student as it's just a process of learning one noun after another, and there really is no way to properly get an idea of what the word means without seeing or trying out the food in person. The third video is just images of a tour of a cotton factory with no talking, so no help there either. Video one is great though.

If you don't know much about Uzbekistan but the name Andijan still rings a bell, you might be remembering this.

As for the city itself, it has a population just one tenth that of the capital Tashkent/Toshkent. Google Maps shows us a comparison of the two from above:

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