18 November: bright meteor makes the sky as bright as day in Utah, Idaho and Wisconsin

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Here's a video on a pretty surreal experience brought about by a particularly bright meteor yesterday. It was so bright that for a moment the sky turned from night into something even brighter than the sky at high noon. The video shows the effect from the meteor from a number of locations but one taken from a fairly suburban location is the most impressive. Here's the view just before the meteor fell.

Then the meteor starts to light up the sky:

Then a bit more. Now it looks like a photograph taken an hour or so before the Sun is up.

And then some more.

And even more. Now it looks like a photograph taken on a bright summer day, even though it's 1 am.

And then a bit later it was gone, after having lasted for almost ten seconds. About 0:50 into the video you can see a few more frames from this including the dimming after the brightest part of the explosion. Apparently the meteor was a fairly large one, and from the time it took for the sound of the explosion to hit the ground it was about 300 km away, just about as high as the International Space Station.


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