Rio de Janeiro wins the Olympics!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Nice work! Rio was actually my favourite for admittedly selfish reasons as whatever is good for Brazil is good for the whole continent. We've seen over the past year how so-called emerging nations (India & China) can contribute to the exploration of space and Brazil has its own space agency too with a budget just about the same as Canada's. If Brazil can continue to grow in influence on the world stage then hopefully it will begin taking on a larger role in space as well. There is no direct relation between having the Olympics and having a larger space agency, but space development has a lot to do with confidence in the potential of one's country. India is now beginning to experience this a bit as they bask in the fact that it was the probe that their country launched that discovered water on the Moon, and this will certainly result in 1) more public support for the space program (which had been derided quite a bit) and 2) more ambitious plans in the future.


Anonymous said...

Chicago was never competition, as there traffic and parking are horrible there. How is the traffic in Rio? Moreover, most Brazilian cities are dangerous places. How will they clean up the favelas?

party said...

Its a good decision taken by the authorities...Chicago is not a good place for prominent Olympics games.

limo hire said...

Too much corruption in Chicago..

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