Parliament passes resolution unanimously saying that immigrants to Quebec should learn French first and foremost

Thursday, October 29, 2009

You can read about it in English here and in French here. The resolution was put forth by Thomas Mulcair of the NDP, which is Canada's fourth largest party (the smallest in Parliament). Mulcair is also their only Quebec MP, and he first won his riding of Outremont in a byelection. Outremont used to be a Liberal stronghold and the Liberals are hoping to take it back next election, which is where some of the criticism comes from in spite of the bill having unanimous support - the view of the other parties is that it was a pretty obvious bill to vote in favour of and that the NDP is thus just grandstanding.

The Bloc, of course, sees it as a no-brainer and another affirmation that Quebec is different, unique, etc., and Giles Duceppe's comment on the bill is that he will use it as a tool to advance the issue of separatism/independence for Quebec.

The article in French also notes that it was the Conservatives that tabled a motion in 2006 to recognize Quebec as "a nation within a united Canada".

As for whether this will have a positive effect on French in Quebec - it probably will have a bit of an effect as a simple affirmation that Quebec isn't a province like the others where immigrants can just go and live and work in English alone.


Vivaldi said...

Obligar homes apprender un lingue es ínsensibil e certmen ne va dar desirat resultates. In Polonia durant li comunictic periode noi deve apprender russ lingue. Ja in ti témpore li nivelle del russ lingue inter poloneses es tre mal. Si on posse viver e laborar in Quebec sin conosentie de frenaces lingue on ne have li motivation por apprender it - ne ver ?

Unknown said...

Politicians... They use any kind of ideological argument if doing so keeps them in power. Sincerity and Politics are strongly incompatible.

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