New Page F30 reader poll on the primary reason for learning languages

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A new poll has been put up on the right that is quite simple: the primary reason for the language you are learning now, have most recently learned, or would eventually like to learn. There is almost always more than one reason for learning a language but for the sake of simplicity only one can be chosen.

The reasons are:

- economic reasons (learning a language with the intent of making more money later on)
- necessity (you have to learn it at school, lots of people speak it around you and you feel the need to learn it, your workplace is making you learn it)
- simple personal interest
- demographic support: this could be for supporters of IALs (constructed languages), Latin revivalists, Welsh/Gaelic/Basque etc. supporters that want to see their chosen language become stronger
- relatives / significant other etc. speak it: family or personal ties are the main incentive to learning a language
- use during travel: upcoming or former travel to Europe, South America etc.


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