Hermitage Capital video on government corruption in Russia

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Guardian has an article here today on an apparent government-sanctioned hedge fund scheme that has been publicized through a video created by the company that is at the centre of the, er, incident (for lack of a better word). Russian internal politics is not my forté so no commentary on that, but the ten-minute video being available in both languages is a good thing for those learning Russian, especially for those that like to browse forums since it was the most viewed video in Russia yesterday meaning there is certainly a great deal of discussion about it online too. Russian students can simply line up the two videos as done in this post, then play one sentence in English, pause, play the same sentence in Russian, pause, and watch the two that way. More advanced students may prefer to do things differently such as watching the entire English video first followed by the Russian video in full.


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