Impact crater for LCROSS lunar mission changed from Cabeus A to Cabeus proper

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

There's been a slight change in plans for LCROSS, the probe that is due to impact the south pole of the Moon in just ten days from now. The original crater selected was known as Cabeus A, but further refinements have shown Cabeus proper to be a better destination, due to this crater showing the highest hydrogen concentrations at the south pole, as well as a small valley there which will allow sunlight to illuminate the ejecta cloud, making observations that much easier.

It also notes that the ejecta will have to travel higher to be observed from Earth, but apparently lighting will result in better observation in spite of this. You can see how close this crater is to Malapert Mountain, which is where the first manned missions have been proposed due to the near continuous sunlight available there.


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