Results of the poll on the discovery of extrasolar Earth-like planets on the effect on our view of and funding for space

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The poll closed today with a total of 46 votes. The results were a bit less cynical than I had expected, with not as many people as I had thought there would be of the opinion that the discovery of extrasolar Earth-like planets would bring about little or no change to both our view on space and our funding of it.

The most selected option was that it would change our view of space but that funding would be about the same, and while the first option (that it would positively affect both our view and funding of space) was voted on almost as much, option #2 was almost always in the lead.

The exact results are below. I'll probably have a new poll later today or tomorrow.


Will the discovery of Earth-like planets in other solar systems change the way we see and explore space?

Yes, it will change everything for the better. We will see space in a different way and will explore it at a more rapid pace.
16 (34%)
It will change the way we see space but funding and exploration will proceed at pretty much the same rate.
19 (41%)
No, we'll see and explore space in pretty much the same way.
8 (17%)
Not sure
2 (4%)
1 (2%)

Votes: 46


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