People in Quebec most happy with the idea of a minority government

Saturday, August 22, 2009

La Presse has an article here on a survey that shows those in Quebec to be most happy with the idea of a minority government. This would make sense since Quebec is the one province with a party whose electoral success is proportional to the chance of having a minority government. The House of Commons has a total of 308 seats, from which 75 come from Quebec; if hypothetically the Bloc Quebecois were to win each and every one of those, that would only leave 233 seats left over for the other parties to gain a majority, which would be a minimum of 155, or 67% of the remainder. In every other province in the country each major party contributes to the overall chance of gaining a majority, whereas the Bloc Quebecois will never be able to. Minority governments also give the Bloc much more leeway to affect policy.

Now for the numbers: 29.7% of Quebecers have a good impression of the work accomplished by the past three minority governments since 2004. In Ontario this number is 17.5%, in the Atlantic provinces it's 15.4%, then down to 13% in British Columbia and a mere 11% in the Prairies. Across the country the average is 18.5%.


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